T-Bag Gets the "Greatest Ending" (And Compares Himself To Dogs)

I'll be honest--I can't help but feel some aversion towards T-Bag. Yeah, that dude on Prison Break can get to your nerves, but more because of his flip-flippery than because of his being the bad guy alongside Michael and Lincoln. I'll be honest again--I don't have any opinion on what should happen to him once the series wraps up next month.

It was no consolation, actually, to hear Robert Knepper not give any assurances about the fate of his character on the show. But of course, he wouldn't reveal it--he's a major character, after all. So I guess that means he'll be there until the very end. To make matters more complicated, he was bent on using achingly general terms for his character's fate.

"We talked about it, you know," he told TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411. "Is he gonna be like Hannibal Lecter? Is he gonna die? Is he gonna go to prison? There are so many choices. I think they picked the greatest one, and I'm not gonna tell you what it is."

Oh, T-Bag, as always...

But for Knepper, he's happy that he's working on a show that's got a definite ending--a silver lining of sorts. "The writers have had the time to really think about it, to wrap it up," he said. "A lot of shows I've done ... they leave you hanging, and you don't know what's going on. This, it definitely has an ending."

As for his character? "It's like being a dog," he said. "They just do anything they want and get away with it. Bulldog, rottweiler, you name it. He's a little poodle. He's a Dalmatian. He's a Doberman. He's all of them."

Of course, there are the thing he'll miss when Prison Break does wrap up. "When you know the rapport with the guys and you feel it everyday for four years, that's what I'll miss," he said. "We'll have some new families, but [this] was a great family."

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