Glee Episode 3: "Acafellas" - Recap

In this episode, Will forms the Acafellas, an all-male a capella vocal group, but he finds himself away from the Glee club as he tries to build his own confidence. While Will's away, the glee club bites off more than it can chew when its members try to hire a well-known choreographer. Meanwhile, Mercedes turns to her friend in search of love, but it turns out he doesn't play for the same team.

When "Acafellas" kicks off, Will Schuester's parents have come over for dinner and a surprise announcement. Will tells his father (Victor Garber) and mother (Debra Monk) that Terri is pregnant, despite her protests that they were going to keep it a secret. Little does he know, his wife does not have a bun in her oven. It's revealed through a father-son talk that Will's father doesn't have any balls and finally encourages his son to have guts because that's what it takes to be a real man and father.

Over at the lee club, the cheerios use Rachel's need to fit in to their advantage. At their request, Rachel stands up to Schuester, asking him to spruce up their inept choreography. Rachel asks that the glee club hire Broadway understudy, Dakota Stanley. Fancy, eh? As Quinn points out, Will never made it to Broadway.

Will turns to Emma to vent about not having the balls to hit the stage when he was younger. Underneath the obvious awkwardness after last episode's decision for Emma to move on, she points out that it's all OK since they're both in relationships; hers just happens to be with the football coach who is the exact opposite of her type.

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