'Lost' Video Sneak Peek: Sayid Learns A Little Bit More, And...

Here's the first clip off next week's episode of Lost, named "Sundown". This one involves Claire sending a message to the Temple and its inhabitants, and Sayid making a tough decision... which perhaps ties in with his supposed "infection".

Because, finally, he's asking the right questions! And for a former interrogator of the Iraqi Republican Guard, this move was a long time coming. No, he isn't torturing Dogen, but he's asking questions--about his "medical exam", the one he supposedly passed, and perhaps his discovery that the pill Jack wanted him to take is poison.

But in usual Temple tradition, Dogen doesn't answer the question... at least in this clip. Yes, it's the scale analogy again. What will happen after? Does that difficult decision involve virtually committing suicide to save the Temple from the "infection"?

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