ANTM: Ready For My Close-Up

Spoilers Included

And by spoilers I mean that your day will be made infinitely more happy, because order has finally been restored in the world. I was starting to get legitimately concerned that Jaslene was going to be upstaged as the scariest girl to ever be crowned America's Next Top Model.

At the beginning of this episode Anya, Fatima and Whitney sit at a table and ask the question that has been lingering in everyone's mind...why the heck is Dominique still in the competition? Then they start complaining about her eating habits, which actually came off more like jealousy. Whitney commented that Dominique eats worse than her and is always scarfing down chips and candy in the middle of night. Basically, why does Dominique get to be so skinny (and she doesn't)?!

The challenge this week was learning how to take photographs, because Tyra and crew are convinced that this will make the girls better models - knowing what's going on behind the camera. I guess I can go along with that. The girls each have to photograph Paulina and "make her look beautiful". Anya is so crazy that you'd think the girl was on drugs, but she remains incredibly endearing as a person. The stronger two were Fatima and Whitney, and perhaps out of pity (oh fine, I guess she was the best), Fatima is awarded her first win.

For the photoshoot of the week, the girls were dressed up like classic movie stars and were supposed to pretend that they were all being caught by the paparazzi. Frankly, it was an unimpressive showing for the final 4 (and Nigel was the photographer). Everyone was accused of being too posey - though admittedly - this seemed like a difficult challenge since they were seemingly supposed to be caught off guard, essentially posing like you aren't posing.

In judging, Dominique was accused of looking like a transvestite, Fatima complained that she didn't know what to do because she has never had a boyfriend, Anya magically pulled off a good photo (which Nigel hilariously tried to take credit for, because he asserted that since he had photographed her previously, he was already familiar with her angles) and Whitney as usual received some type of nonsense criticism that she was pretty but not mind blowing. Did anyone else think that Anya strangely looked like Kate Winslet in her photo this week?

Not surprisingly - since it seems like we have been waiting for weeks now for an excuse to get rid of her - Dominique is the one sent home. Tyra tells her that she can look like a transvestite too ("Tyrone"), but that you have to know how to work with your angles. If you say so, Tyra. Fatima also gets scolded for being snooty and a poor listener, which is accurate (for once).

So now we're down to 3. This means that next week we will once more be subjected to some god awful shooting of CoverGirl commercials. I cannot wait!

Share your thoughts on who you want to win, who you think will go next and who you think actually will win below!

Note: I posted a photo of Dominique above (courtesy of where she does not look like a transvestite. I'm not entirely heartless, you see.


Default avatar cat
May 8, 2008 8:41PM EDT

Anya all the way! I don't think anyone deserves to win more than she does. Compared to the other two finalists she has the strongest portfolio and the most challenge wins. I'm kind of scared for her performance during next weeks CoverGirl commercial. I'm guessing her strange accent might be an obstacle. Fatima might be the one to go next. I say this because it seems the judges want to keep Whitney around regardless of how many times she's been in the bottom two.

May 8, 2008 11:31PM EDT

To me Anya is the best of the last three. Whitney is very pretty and I agree, it is about time a plus size model showed the fashion industry you don't have to be anorexic to pull it off, but quoting (I think Jay) she does sometimes look like Anna Nicole, and that's definitely not very high fashion, actually not at all. Sometimes she just looks like she's posing for a man's magazine. Fatima is very beautiful, but she just doesn't seem to get it, it's like she's still in the competition cause there's always someone that did worse than her. She looked incredible in many pictures but she just doesn't push it.So yeah, Go Anya!, she's got that weirdness about her, that's high fashion to me. And also, she's been the most consistent of them all, she has won so many challenges, she deserves it more than the other two. And oh yes, Cover Girl shoots are excruciating. I hope they change the sponsor for the next season; maybe clothes, a recognized fashion designer, something more high fashion and not so commercial.

Default avatar cat
May 9, 2008 11:46AM EDT

Personally I don't think Anya can win. How can you have a covergirl spokesperson who can barely speak understandable english? I feel like Whitney will win because of the fact that its covergirl. She seems to be the only one who could pull off a commercial that you can understand, and she has more of the girl-next-door qualities that both covergirl and seventeen are looking for.

Default avatar cat
May 11, 2008 9:12AM EDT

Fatima can take a hike..she is too full of herselfYes, a topmodel needs confidence but she takes it waytoo far with her these-girls-have-nothing-on-me attitude. Really, one time I actually rooted for her but shes been gettin on my nerves lately. I actually dont see whitney being the winner, not because shes plus size..I actually admire that shes still in this competition so far, I can imagine it was pretty tough for her. Nevertheless, I do think she's fake and corny at times and her pictures are not really extraordinary..
As for Anya...I really think she's going to win! I for one think her accent is cute.

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