Waiting for Superman - Review

In the powerful, passionate, and potentially revolution-inducing documentary Waiting for 'Superman' filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) argues that every American child deserves a good public-school education; that, in fact, providing every child with the opportunity for a good public-school education is vital to our nation's welfare; and that if the current educational system is flawed, it's up to us - you, me, parents, teachers, taxpayers, registered voters - to fix it, right now. The first two statements aren't likely to ruffle feathers. (Show of hands: Who's against literacy?) But the heartbreaking difficulty of achieving the third goal - along with Guggenheim's expert storytelling skills in the service of advocacy - is what buoys us through Waiting for 'Superman' on waves of despair, hope, outrage, and finally, constructive, motivating anger.

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