Recap: "The Funcooker"

This week on NBC's 30 Rock, with Liz on jury duty, Jack enlisted the "TGS" writers to name a new product, Tracy tested TV's boundaries, and Jenna used an experimental drug to stay awake. Here now, the recap!

Poor Liz. Just as she launches her (latest) campaign to take charge of her life and start anew "like a phoenix rising from the ashes," she gets mowed down by a bike messenger, summoned to jury duty and slapped with a PR crisis caused by Tracy and Jenna. Even worse, the jury duty sticks, despite her tried-and-true (at least in Chicago) Princess Leia-and-Playgirls shtick. Amazingly, she decides not to leave anyone else in charge while she's out. What's the worst that could happen? Well....

After shaming the network and "TGS" with their hosting of the St. Patrick's Day parade coverage (she fell asleep; he responded, "Wake up, mother------"), Jenna and Tracy come away with not the right messages. For example, Jenna worn out from juggling the TV show with her not-a-Janis-Joplin-biopic decides to stay awake forever thanks to a military-grade experimental drug tendered by Dr. Spaceman. Boy, does it make her jittery! And thirsty! And ... windowy!

Tracy, meanwhile, "learns" that having the money to pay FCC fines means you can pretty much say anything you want on TV. Which he does. To Martha Stewart. When he is then told that advertisers are pulling out of "TGS," he sees that as his sign to sponsor the show himself (with disappointingly unfunny commercials).

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