'Real World:' Ryan Calls the Cops on Preston for Peeing on His Toothbrush (VIDEO)

If you haven't been paying attention to 'The Real World' lately, then you might need a quick recap. There's been an ongoing feud taking place between Ryan and Preston. This feud culminated in Preston stealing Ryan's toothbrush, rubbing it on the inside of a toilet bowl, and then peeing on the said aforementioned toothbrush.

Sometimes, the simplest words are the best. And so, here is what we have to say about all of that. ... Um, gross! Yuck!

Tonight (Wed.,10PM ET on MTV), Ryan decided to get his "revenge" on Preston by calling the cops. Unfortunately, Ryan sort of undercut his case, based on the fact that he had also stolen Preston's cigarettes ... and rubbed them on his butt. And so, we say again: Yuck! What is wrong with you dudes?

The cops didn't seem fantastically excited to be called in to deal with this very dumb feud -- and to be honest, we can't blame them. There are probably more important things for New Orleans-area policemen to be doing. We're just guessing here, but that seems about right.

And at the end of the whole incident, Preston didn't seem very impressed by Ryan's attempt at "payback." In fact, he continued smirking and laughing at Ryan. "Still think this is funny?" Ryan said. " ... Still funny to you?"

Well, yes, Ryan. It is kind of funny. Funny and also pretty gross.

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