Lost Episode Recap: "What Kate Does" Season 6, Episode 3

On Tuesday's episode of Lost, Sawyer makes a decision to break away from the pack to tend to personal matters. Sayid's fate becomes inextricably linked with Jack's when the Samurai givesJack an ultimatum. In the post-815 world, Kate and Claire find each other under unusual circumstances, and their interactions seem vaguely familiar. But do they seem familiar to them?


"What happened to me?" Sayid asks. "You died," Jack says. Kate is befuddled by this development, but Sawyer isn't. "Of course he's fine. He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go-around," he snarks. While Sayid is getting acquainted with their new circumstances (Temple, Samurai, etc.), Sawyer has a gun and he's decided to leave. "Please, you have to stay," the Samurai says, but nobody tells Sawyer what to do, so off he goes. "Don't come after me," he says. But, well, you know Kate. The eager-beaver tracker says she'll be able to bring him back, so off she and Jin go to find him. Did anyone else think her goodbye to Jack seemed, I don't know, final?

Meanwhile, back at the Temple, the Samurai has strapped Sayid down to a table with a really ominous-looking headstrap. He blows some dust over him, hooks him up to an electrical device of some sort and shocks him. For good measure, he sticks him in the gut with a hot poker and burns him. Lennon apologizes for putting him through all that. It was a test, and he passed. After Sayid leaves, Lennon asks the Samurai, "I just lied to him; didn't I?" "Yes," he replies solemnly. (So far he does everything solemnly, so just take that as a given unless otherwise indicated.)

"They didn't ask me any questions," Sayid tells Jack, which my Star Wars nerd friend tells me is almost exactly what Han Solo said after Darth Vader tortured him to lure Luke to Bespin in Empire Strikes Back. Significance?

So what test did he fail? Was it the "Are you the Man in Black?" test? Or was it the "Have you been occupied by the spirit of Jacob?" test? It's too soon to tell, but clearly the Temple powers that be aren't real jazzed that Sayid is among the living again.

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