'Big Brother 12' - 'Power of Veto #4' Recap

Finally, this season of 'Big Brother' is getting to be a bit of what we (the true fans) expect from the show. Unless things drastically change in the house, however, this season just might go down as having the most boring cast in the show's history.

Perhaps the producers feel that showmances make the show. In our recent TV Squad poll, however, 'Big Brother' fans said they wanted brouhahas and cat fights! We want the drama, the name-calling, the pouring of iced tea on heads, the possible fisticuffs ... we don't need a soap opera. I, of course, watch purely for the intellectual stimulation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Rachel set the stage for the drama at the end of the nominations with her call to "bring it on." The only friend she has in the house is her soulmate (whatever) Brendon. It's a match made on a reality show, enough said. Rachel, despite her professed love of chemistry, is full of her own Vegas little self. Brendon is just a bit odd about his choice of women. He's a serious science geek, albeit a very studly one. She's loud and brash, while he's controlling in a bizarre puppy dog eyed kind of way. Or, at least, he'd like to be. He tells her he loves her, she rolls her eyes. Enough said.

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