Felicity Huffman: I Hope "Desperate Housewives' Run for 10 Years

Can you foresee Desperate Housewives going on for four more seasons after this current one, the show's sixth? If it were up to star Felicity Huffman, she hopes Desperate Housewives never ends.

"Every hit program has a life span - I don't know what this one will be. Friends went for 10 years, Frasier lasted for 11, but some shows go for three. I would like it if it goes on for 10 years because it's a dream job."

Huffman, however, does admit that she had thought about giving up on acting "many times" because she's been unemployed many times as "anyone who's been in the business for more than five or ten years and didn't start out young and beautiful."

But now that she has a stable role as Lynette Scavo on primetime, she says she's going to do Desperate Housewives until she's a "desperate old biddy."

"People will say, 'The only actress who stayed was Felicity Huffman and she needs a walking frame!'"

The better half of Fargo star William Macy is doing well on Desperate, if her husband were to be asked. But is there any chance he can join her on the show? Don't count on it.

"It feels like that's her gig, and she's so good on the show. I love watching her on it so much, that I think it's best that I not do it."

There is no new episode of Desperate Housewives this week. The next one, featuring the introduction of Julie Benz as a job-seeking stripper, airs on January 31. Elsewhere on that episode, Tom's (Doug Savant) psychiatrist may not turn out to be so nice, after all.

If we remember it right, Tom started therapy on the last episode of Desperate, writing stuff on his feelings journal and psycho-analyzing Lynette. At the end of the episode, the two decided to go to therapy together.

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