On 'Minute to Win It,' a Couple Walk Away With the Largest Prize Ever (VIDEO)

Um, spoiler alert? We guess? Anyway, the headline above pretty much indicates what happened tonight on 'Minute to Win It' (Wed., 8PM ET on NBC). Last week, engaged couple Aaron and Kimberly "banked" $250,000 -- the most that any contestants have won thus far on the series. This week, the pair returned to go for the one million dollar prize.

But first, they would have to make it past "Level Nine" of the show. This involved a seemingly impossible task: stacking magnetic hex nuts on a plate, using only a chopstick -- and then balancing the tall stack of nuts for three seconds. First, Kimberly failed, which lost the couple one of their three "lives." Then, Aaron came within 0.55 seconds of succeeding ... before his column of hex nuts collapsed.

Then, Aaron tried again -- and nailed it, just as his time ran out! The couple hugged and rejoiced. They had won $500,000: the most anyone has gotten on the show, and the most anyone has ever received from a contest involving "nuts" and "chopsticks."

Wisely, Aaron and Kimberly decided to stop there. They took home the $500,000 and didn't even attempt to compete for the one million dollar final prize. (Or would you have had the guts to go for it all? We wouldn't have.)

Anyway, congrats to the couple. We hope they use the money for a really really nice wedding and honeymoon.

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