Top Chef: Just Desserts Recap: Pastry-making is crazy-making

"People view the world of pastries as magical and sweet ..."

"But being a pastry chef is not all fondant and frosting ..."

Cut to swearing - lots and lots of swearing. To hear the contestants on Top Chef's sweets-centered spinoff Just Desserts tell it, pastry chefs are the worst kind of temperamental artiste - Type-A, anal retentive, extra catty. They're responsible for a meal's grand finale, from candied confections to decadent showstoppers, so cross them at your peril.

Whether such a description applies to all chefs specializing in dessert is up for debate, but producers have sure cast a high-strung (reality TV-ready) bunch, a group whose needs extend far outside of the kitchen. (In the contestants' house, thermostats need to be adjusted, someone's insomnia needs to be accounted for, another demands a separate bathroom ... )

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