Recap Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 26 - Tears of the Prophets

In this episode, Starfleet Command plans to go on the offensive and it is decided that Captain Sisko will be responsible for planning the first steps in the assault on the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant, after he has been bestowed with the 'Christopher Pike Medal of Valor'. Sisko is warned by the Prophets not to go, but does รข€“ allowing Gul Dukat, inhabited by a Pah Wraith, to release the Pah-Wraith into the station's orb, causing it to turn black, upon which the wormhole collapses. Unfortunately, Jadzia Dax is in the Bajoran Shrine at that time and the wraith possessing Dukat kills her. The initial assault on the Dominion takes place in the Chin'toka system and is successful. However, the Bajoran people become demoralized, feeling their gods abandoned them. Feeling that he has failed both the prophets and Starfleet, Captain Sisko returns to his father's restaurant on earth.

Source: Wikipedia

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