'Entourage' Fans Want 'Happy' Episodes, Says Creator

Looks like things are finally looking "happy" for Vince (Adrian Grenier) on HBO series Entourage. Judging from the season 6 premiere last week, he got on a pretty good start after passing his driving test thanks to a couple of premiere night tickets and made a good show on Jay Leno to promote his new movie ("We were rich in love."). It is a little sad, though, for Vince to go home to an empty house.

If Entourage creator Doug Ellin is to be believed, he says most Entourage fans like "happy" episodes more than not-so-happy ones.

"Last year they were depressed because things didn't seem to work out - 11 episodes were really downbeat, and then in the 12th it did work out. But the show is partly based on [executive producer] Mark Wahlberg's life. Fortunately, his life worked out. This year I'm going to focus less on the movie-star life and more on the surrounding guys and how their stuff may not work out."

Elsewhere on "Drive," the sixth season premiere of Entourage, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chiriqui) presented Eric (Kevin Connolly) the idea of getting his own place, but worries about how it will affect his friends. He accused Vince of not knowing how to be alone, who accused him of exactly the same thing. Meanwhile, Lloyd (Rex Lee) threatened to quit if Ari (Jeremy Piven) didn't promote him, up to a point of going to his wife. Not sure whether or not Lloyd is smart enough to be an agent, Ari countered with a hazing-like 100-day period en route to his promotion.

Ellin added in the interview that the casting of all New Yorkers, with the exception of Piven, is precisely to give Entourage that "jaded" but "eyes-wide-open skeptical" feel.

The next episode of Entourage - "One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car" - airs Sunday on HBO.

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