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SideReel: This Week in TV - 1.17.2010 - Featured

It's the beginning of an all new exciting week of TV and Kendra and Rachel are back to dish on what's new! This week they're paying attention to 4 exciting series premieres: Human Target, Life UneXpected, The Deep End and Caprica.

They'll tell you what these new shows are all about and how likely they think the shows are to survive!

Additionally, be sure to watch until the end to learn about how to enter an exciting Caprica giveaway!

Watch it now:

SideReel's This Week in TV (1/17/10)

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| 13:24 EST, 25 Jan, 2010
I'm a big BSG fan, despite the let down of the finale. And the reason I'm excited about Caprica is that I hope they will shed some light on some of the questions that were left open like how did the cylon technology resurface? The connection between the colonies and the thirteenth tribe's cylons. And maybe, just maybe, how and why Starbuck disappeared reappeared and then re-disappeared!But most of all, I just loved the theological and moral issues, raised in BSG, arising from the creation of a fully functioning artificially Intelligent being and how it blurs the line between the creature and the creator, and what's natural and what's man maid. I hope to see more of that.
| 20:42 EST, 24 Jan, 2010
I'm a recent BSG convert...just saw all there is to see of the new BSG and am craving more (yeah, TV junkie, right here). So excited for Caprica. Excited to learn a little more about the religion, the planets, the culture. Looks way good! :)
| 14:09 EST, 21 Jan, 2010
hmm Caprica, its really that its here in sidereel....... i really like BSG so, its good to know where it all begins.,,
| 12:52 EST, 18 Jan, 2010
Caprica, I just cant believe its here, i have the sicence behind the show, and how religion and sicence are put in one setting, i need to see how this really goes.............

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