Best 'Big Brother After Dark' Ever: Ragan vs. the Neandertal

Showtime fans received a treat last night because, after more than a month of relatively dull conversations and pool tournaments, the proverbial feces finally hit the fan on Big Brother 12. There was an intense and rather hilarious fight between Brendon and Ragan that was several days in the making.

Step 1: Rachel's "Apology" Tour

Rachel seems to think that she can act like a crazy botch to everyone and then go around to apologize for her behavior, as if that makes it better. I guess learning from your mistakes isn't an option. Her latest victim was Ragan, who she finally trapped last night in the hammock with Britney after Ragan successfully avoided having to talk to her for several days.

The conversation was relatively short as Ragan tried to calmly explain to her why he's so over her and her annoying drama that just leads to huge fights with everyone because he just wants to relax, have a good time, and compete like crazy when they need to. Rachel quickly gets offended and offers a passive-aggressive "apology" for ruining his time in the house. She then storms off.

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