HUGE 'Letters Home' Review Episode 2

Week two at Camp Victory opens with the campers writing letters home. HUGE's episode Letters Home centers on the arrival of a new camper Danielle, who has an anxiety disorder. Her parents hover around her throughout the show, despite Dr. Rand's attempt to get them to leave. At the end of the episode, Danielle has an anxiety attack and leaves camp. Danielle's relationship with her parents serves as a jumping-off point to explore the lives of the main characters, as well as the relationships with their parents.

Our protagonist Will continues her rebellious ways by stealing Chloe's magazine and cutting out pictures of full-figured women to tape on her bunk and irritate Amber. Danielle's mother sees Will's handiwork and is encouraging and complimentary about Will's artistic talent. She even gets Will to join in a basketball game. This interaction with Danielle's mother is a sharp contrast to Will's relationship with her own mother. Will expresses in a letter to her parents that she actually enjoyed playing basketball; is angry that they sent her to camp and thinks she is not good enough for them; and that it hurts her but she will try not to care. Ultimately she rips up the letter, saying she won't and can't ever tell them these things.

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