Psych Episode Recap: "Ferry Tale" Season 5, Episode 7

There's a new Little Shawn! Okay, there are a lot of other parts to this episode like Chi McBride, ferries, escaped convicts, and Jesus from True Blood, but I can't concentrate on anything else. Join the investigation in this recap of Wednesday's standard episode.

1990. Gus and Shawn prepare for a three-legged race in a non-descript field. Whoa! Whoa! That is not Little Shawn. Seriously? What happened to Little Shawn? Our Little Shawn? I love that kid. Shenanigans!

I'm so busy rewinding and re-watching the beginning of last week's episode - just to make sure I'm not going crazy - to notice that Shawn and Gus are pretty good at the tripod race. They celebrate their assured victory until they realize that only one of them can take home the grand prize of a bike. Ultimately the two settle on racing for the bike, but forget that their legs are still duct-taped together.

Present Day. Shawn's mad that Gus tricked him into coming aboard a ferry for the purposes of an environmental mission. Hippie spotting! Shawn bemoans Gus' environmental concern, but is thankful his old buddy isn't like these guys. Oh, Shawn. Of course Gus is like these guys. Two particularly nerdy dudes named Dan Carter and Carl Carter - aka D.C. and C.C. - make their way over to the Dynamic Duo. They arrive just as Shawn informs the Guster that his seasickness patch has fallen off. Cue the hurried run to the restroom below deck.

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