Top Chef' Recap: Buy me some peanuts and day-old tuna Season 7, Episode 11

Now that Alex is gone, somebody's got to fill the crazy quotient in the Top Chef house, and who knew there was such a plethora of insanity this year? Shrines devoted to four-star chefs, Anthony Robbins books, cross dressing -I think we've hit the turning point, my friends.

Meanwhile, the cheftestants have apparently hit their boiling points because last night tempers were flaring. Stress ran high, baseball players ran tall, and gimmicks abounded.

Things got started when Padma and guest judge/Top Chef Masters alum Rick Moonen, who bears an uncanny resemblance to another chef Rick, explained that the cheftestants would create a dish based on a food idiom, which ranged from innocent (sour grapes) to racy (hide the salami). Since everyone forgot the show's affinity for testicles and missed out on the opportunity for lame jokes, the salami didn't make it in. (That's what she said.)

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