Reactions to the 2008 Emmys

The 2008 Emmys were interesting to say the least. I'll try not to complain too much, since the most deserving shows took home the top awards (in my opinion, at least) - 30 Rock for Outstanding Comedy and Mad Men for Outstanding Drama.

I was also shocked and pleasantly surprised that the underwatched but terrific Damages took home two awards - for Glenn Close (Outstanding Actress in a Drama) and (the larger surprise) Zeljko Ivanek (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama). Perhaps more people will tune into the second season of Damages when it airs this Spring, as they should; it is nearly as good as Mad Men.

However, the biggest surprise of all had to be the win for Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad over Hugh Laurie, Jon Hamm, James Spader, Michael C. Hall and Gabriel Byrne. You could have made a convincing case for any of those guys (especially Laurie and Hamm...oh, heck, Hall also) and if only because I'm fairly certain that only 5 people watched Breaking Bad...Cranston winning was definitely a huge upset. I was intrigued by the Breaking Bad pilot, but not enough so to continue watching. Perhaps I will have to reconsider now.

On the comedy end, 30 Rock is the undisputed queen with wins for Best Comedy and acting awards for both Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. While I completely agree with the wins for the show as a whole and for Baldwin, I'm still waiting for (and was kind of secretly rooting for) Mary-Louise Parker to win for her outstanding work in Weeds.

Some non-surprises of the evening included the multitude of wins for miniseries John Adams and Recount as well as the overall win for Mad Men. Probably also the three-peat win for Jeremy Piven in Entourage (I was secretly gunning for Neil Patrick Harris in that one, but there's always next year) as well as the six-peat win (not a word, I know) for The Amazing Race. Is Race really that much better than every other reality competition? It has never lost the category since its introduction!

My favorite moments of the show came from:

Ricky Gervais - when making fun of Steve Carell who jokingly accepted Gervais' award last year when Gervais could not attend (complete with asking if Carell had seen Ghost Town yet)

Conan O'Brien - who referenced that whole Katherine Heigl "I didn't submit my name" bit (bold Conan, bold)

Stewart and Colbert - who weren't supposed to talk about politics, so Colbert instead commented that he liked old, shriveled prunes (watch here)

Jimmy Kimmel - who mocked the format of reality shows when presenting the first ever award to a reality host (though the hosts themselves are another story). Kimmel's pre-show Barbara-Walters-esque spoof/special was also hilarious.

But yes, how about those reality hosts? The opening was truly bizarre, wasn't it? However, while most people complained mainly about the fact that the hosts talked with nothing planned for 10 minutes (Jeremy Piven's acceptance speech summed up the general audience reaction), I think what bothered me most was that Heidi Klum was reduced to dumb silence. Oh, and ripping off clothing. What was that?

The general reaction to Josh Groban's medley of TV theme songs was that it was an awkward bomb. I didn't think it was all that terrible; you guys can watch and decide for yourselves.

So...what did everyone think of the show? And the winners? Sound off below!

And check out the complete list of winners here.



Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2008 8:09AM EDT

It was a great show. I especially loved seeing Tina Fey up there 3 times to accept awards. I was not amused by the hosts one bit however. Especially Howie Mandell. In all I enjoyed the show. Favorite highlight? Ricky Gervais haggling Steve Carrel for his Emmy.

Default avatar cat
Sep 22, 2008 10:16AM EDT

they awarded the right shows, for the most part ...

Default avatar cat
Sep 25, 2008 7:56PM EDT

i loved the ending that jimmy kimmel did with the cutting to the commercial and having kind of the different shows all put into onethe begining was not good oprah is daytime and the hosts had absolutely nothingi loved conan's part about heigle that was good!!!ricky gervais' part was funny toocongrats to 30 rock well deserved!!

Default avatar cat
Sep 27, 2008 5:04PM EDT

i was secretly rooting for Mary Louise too! i love love love 30 rock... but she does such an amazing job on weeds.
also, breaking bad got better (and more addicting) try it again. i got hooked when i caught it on a mini-marathon. and although its great... can you get better than Michael C Hall? i mean, its tough to love a serial killer as much as i love him.

Sep 28, 2008 11:42AM EDT

I was hoping for Hugh Laurie to get an emmy. He surely would have deserved it. Oh and I finally started watching 30 Rock, I had never seen it so far, but the Emmys got me into watching it. I just watched the 2nd episode I still don't know if I like it or not.

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