Review: Castle - The Third Man Season 2, Episode 14

Well, this was certainly a complex episode. There were so many twists and turns, that it was hard to keep up at times. What made it even more interesting is the fact that the entire episode was riddled with weird (though not unenjoyable) sitcom cliches. At the end of the episode, I learned two things: I would really like my next job title to be "gentleman squatter," and Castle and Beckett are in loooove.

I'm not in the camp that thinks Castle and Beckett getting together automatically means the series is doomed, but I'm not exactly waiting for the inevitable hook-up with bated breath. However, if they keep throwing their love for each other in our faces like they've been doing recently, then it's going to get pretty difficult to not spend most of the hour sitting in front of my TV yelling, "You're both pretty! Just do it and move on!"

I don't care who it is: if you're finishing somebody's sentences, and you feel jealous when they go out on a date, then you need to seriously examine this "platonic" relationship. However, if Beckett and Castle could manage to get through one episode without picturing each other naked, then I might have an easier time believing the construct of this show. Having a relationship like this is a fine line, and they're starting to cross it.

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