Rundown: "Lecture Circuit, Part 2"

Right off the bat in this episode of The Office, Kevin is double fisting icy treats: a Popsicle and an ice cream cone. This is an awesome way to open any episode of anything. From there we learn that Angela got a new cat (and then we learn, um, quite a bit more about Angela and her cats), and we watch Jim and Dwight continue to plan Kelly's birthday party. On their lecture circuit, Michael and Pam make a detour to Nashua so Michael can see Holly. This lecture is, as you might expect, hilariously disastrous.

Only thing is, I'm disappointed that we don't get to actually see Holly! To check out some of my favorite moments and share your own, read more.

* Angela has a new cat that cost $7,000: Princess Lady! "She's hypoallergenic, she doesn't struggle when you try to dress her, she's a third-generation show cat, her father was in Meet the Parents." Creed says he could get her a kid for that amount of money.

* Of course, Angela has her cats on Nanny Cam! And maybe it's because I have cats, but I kinda want cat maternity leave, too. It's not a bad idea. As Angela points out, people get tons of time off when they have kids. Meredith agrees: "She's right. I had my second kid just for the vacation."

* Dwight grills Kelly about why she went to juvenile hall at the age of 14. "If she's old enough to get married, she's old enough to follow the law." Kelly stole a boat after her boyfriend dumped her.

* She hates her cake because there are "no flowers, or toys. I don't even know what the theme is. What's the theme?"

Jim: "Birthday."

Dwight: "Frosting."

* Michael is distraught to learn that Holly has a new boyfriend and he's a salesman in the Nashua branch. But Pam suggests that if Michael does a great job at the presentation, Holly will hear all about it and realize what she's missing.

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Mar 2, 2009 7:00PM EST

Why does Dwight slap Kelly's butt at the end of the show? That was a bit disturbing...

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