Review: Parks and Recreation - Christmas Scandal Season 2, Episode 12

This week's episode of Parks and Recreation was bittersweet-- but mostly sweet. After being MIA for several episodes, Louis C.K. returned, only to say goodbye. However, sweet scenes between April and Andy, Mark and Ann, and the entire office finally realizing how much they need Leslie, made up for the sadness.

It wasn't all sappy, though. When you have a councilman who gets a babysitter pregnant and then proceeds to have sex with four delivery-room nurses and a woman who's husband is getting a liver transplant, there is bound to be some funny-- and apparently an ass shot or two.

I'm glad they brought the cave-sex having councilman back, because he's always good for a laugh. Having Leslie get caught up in a sex scandal was pure genius, because she's obviously the very last person who would ever be involved in one. It was also a nice comment on the "something out of nothing" nature of 24-hour news channels, and the endless speculation that has a tendency to make a story into something completely different that it was when it started.

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