'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains': Has Colby learned from his mistake with Tina?

When he first showed up on Survivor for The Australian Outback, Colby Donaldson was a force to be reckoned with. He kicked butt in challenges, wrestled control of his own tribe away from Jerri, and then made it all the way to the finals (where he made the HORRIBLE decision to bring Tina along to beat him). So who the heck was that tentative and uninterested chump masquerading as Colby in All-Stars? That guy seemed like he would have rather been anywhere else in the world than back on an island competing for a million bucks. That's probably because at the time Colby still had visions of acting fame and fortune dancing in his head. He appeared to be struggling with the concept of swallowing his pride to come back for a nice Survivor payday, and he didn't hide it very well. Even Colby now sees that he came back as a shell of his former Survivor self. I probably shouldn't have gone, he told me in Samoa right before Heroes Vs Villains kicked off. I clearly wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared physically, mentally. And as a result I didn't do well in the game. [Does Colby regret bringing Tina to the finals? And would he do it again in Heroes Vs. Villains? That, plus exclusive on location video, after the jump.]

So which Colby will we see this time out? Colby swears he has his head screwed on straight this time, and I kind of believe him. He seems to have finally come to terms with his place in the Hollywood hierarchy and no longer appears to be avoiding the stigma that goes with the term reality star. And I can tell you from watching him at the first challenge - he's definitely invested. (I don't know how much of it will make it into the episode, but there is a fantastic on-on-one battle between Colby and Coach that goes on forever.) But Colby was not only going full-out in a brutally physical challenge, he was also cheering on his teammates wildly when it was their turn to get knocked around.

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