Recap The Mentalist: 2.09 - "A Price Above Rubies"

On tonight's episode of The Mentalist, "A Price Above Rubies", something phenomenal happened: Patrick Jane didn't have all of the answers. This gave Lisbon plenty of smug satisfaction, especially after he terrified her in the show's opening scene.

Cho and Lisbon start off The Mentalist in formal wear, making nice at a charity banquet to one of the CBI's benefactors, Esther Doverton (Dey Young). Jane takes the stage, supposedly to represent the CBI with some magic tricks and mind-reading. After tossing an egg into the air and invisibility-Jane announces he's dropping the act in order to "transform [their] consciousness." He then launches into a speech, about the cruelties and injustices of the world that are going on while they stand around and sip champagne. Lisbon is worried as the room falls silent, but Jane manages to turn the guests' guilt and discomfort into a show of solidarity and charitable contributions. And then he asks one of the guests to check his pocket where the egg has presumably turned into a chick.

When Lisbon confesses she was scared about his speech, Jane replies: "Oh please, like I don't know how to work a fat crowd of suckers."

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