30 Rock Episode Recap: "Verna" Season 4, Episode 12

What do a suit-wearing GE Executive, a food-loving television writer, and a cartoon mascot for the "Cheesy Blast" brand of snacks have in common? They all appear in the opening scene of this week's 30 Rock episode, and they all seem to be suffering from a similar form of comedic insanity.

Welcome back to your 30 Rock recap. I'm your new recapper, Adam Mersel, and I live and breathe 30 Rock. Recapping this is as close as I've gotten to my dream of spending everyday in the building without being arrested for trespassing. So on with the recap!

Liz has a dream in which she is married to her boss and ever-changing "friend," Jack, and is giving birth to the cartoon mascot of her favorite cheese snacks. As she wakes up, Liz realizes that she must improve her eating habits by cutting out the junk food that gives her the most pleasure in life.

Meanwhile, as Kenneth tells Pete a ridiculous story about his childhood pet Mr. Wiggles, and Pete continues his frustration at being interrupted, Jenna is horrified that her mother is unexpectedly coming into town. Jenna explains that her mother tried "to use her OxyContin prescription as ID" to get into the building, and will inevitably try to use Jenna as "a gorgeous blonde ATM."

As the TGS writers discuss whether real firemen actually resemble those on the pages of women's calendars, Frank reveals that he is homeless, and needs a place to stay. Tracey offers his apartment, but everyone soon decides that since Liz still has the spare apartment she purchased before being fired from her failed Dealbreakers pilot, she will be the lucky one who gets to house the trucker hat-wearing slob.

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