Review: The League - The Shiva Bowl (season finale) Episode 6

I really want to like The League. It's full of things I love in a TV show -- male camaraderie, football, and endless dick jokes -- yet I still can't get into it. But, the like the good little TV blogger that I am, I re-screened the first five episodes before viewing the season finale earlier today to make sure I gave it a fair shake.

The League is far from the worst thing on TV, and it's definitely the the best comedy FX has rolled out since It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. However, I'm gonna stick with what I've said already -- there's some serious potential here, but a lot of things need to change before The League returns for its second season next summer.

The biggest issue is identity. Too much of this season was spent trying to figure out exactly what kind of show this is going to be. Is it a just a buddy comedy with a hint of football tossed in or is the fantasy football going to play a bigger role? Does every episode have to revolve around football or can it be neglected completely and still work? Can the wives and girlfriends take center stage for a full ep and reach the same comedic level as the guys? All these questions and more were answered over the course of the season, and "The Shiva Bowl" did a fairly good job of synthesizing everything that did work about the season and putting it all together.

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