Alternate Titles CBS Could Use For '$#*! My Dad Says'

So CBS has given the green light to a new comedy based on the Twitter account (and I'll never get used to writing that sentence, "based on the Twitter account) S**t My Dad Says. It's going to costar William Shatner, and from the clips released at the upfront presentation a couple of weeks ago, it looks rather awful.

But never mind about all that. What about that title? CBS obviously can't say that first word, so they're going around calling it 'Bleep My Dad Says.' That's how it will advertised and that's how we're all supposed to say it. But oddly, that's not the way it's spelled. The first word is pronounced "Bleep" but is spelled "$#*!" Confusing? Suddenly, spelling the TNT drama 'HawthoRNe' doesn't seem so tedious.

They actually wanted to spell it "$#!+" but that was deemed too close to the actual word "shit" so they gave it a thumbs down. Here are my five suggestions for titles they could have given the show.

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