'Persons Unknown' - 'Saved' Recap Episode 8

Not to say that the previous episodes of 'Persons Unknown' weren't weird, with their kidnappings and people trapped in a small town and observed by strangers, forced to eat Chinese food every night. But this was a dream episode, and those are always odd.

Of course, it's unclear what exactly was a dream, what was real, and what was Joe actually seeing Tom and walking around in a haze. I mean, look at the picture. The answer could be anything.

I'm curious as to whether or not the nurse was actually Tori or just something the people behind The Program (TM) cooked up to give Joe a familiar face to deal with. But I'm leaning towards the opinion that Tori is alive and has been brought into the plan/experiment for whatever reason. It might be the reason that Tori was "killed off" so quickly. She's not really dead.

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