'Hung' - 'A Man, A Plan; Thank You, Jimmy Carter' Recap Season 2, Episode 5

The latest episode of 'Hung' is all about self-affirmation. Like the old Al Franken 'Stuart Smalley' sketch, only without having to listen to Al Franken. The show seems to suggest that the true key to happiness is companionship in some form or another, and how we find that companionship is anybody's guess. It can come from your Dad's pimp, or your replacement gigolo. You just never know.

Episode five opens with Mike (Ray's teaching colleague and assistant coach) having a meltdown. He's convinced he has nothing to live for and Ray talks him out of his funk as if he just drank an entire bottle of liquid Tony Robbins (which has a nasty aftertaste, if you were wondering ... kind of uriney). What we're starting to see from Ray is that his lifestyle changes have arguably made him a better, more complete person. He's constantly picking people up around him, despite his less-than-ideal life.

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