'Big Brother 12' - 'Nominations #4' Recap

Finally, we're getting some excitement in the 'Big Brother 12' house. You see, without controversy, this show can be much more boring than watching paint dry. At least with watching paint dry, you can throw stuff at it to see if it sticks. With the hamsters inside the house, what can you do? Shout at the television? Write letters to CBS demanding they have a brouhaha or cat fight or you'll never watch the show again?

It was evident the way Andrew went out on Thursday that we'd be seeing drama tonight. Thank you, Captain Kosher, for a job well done in exposing the Hayden/Kristen showmance, thus setting off the fireworks. They should put something extra in your stipend for that!

What we didn't see on Thursday's show (also blocked on the live feeds) was that there was a big brouhaha directly in the middle of the live voting. Andrew sat almost like a robot -- good posture, calm demeanor and all -- as Hayden accused him of lying about the showmance. Kristen got all excited, Rachel jumped in ... why, it would have been better television to show the action in the living room rather than the voting. Heck, we knew how the voting would go!

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