'No Ordinary Family' Has Something For Everyone, Says Producers - TCA Report

I was going to entitle this post "'No Ordinary Family' Is the Prius of TV," but I figured people wouldn't quite get it. But if executive producer Greg Berlanti and star Michael Chiklis are to be believed via their repeated use of the word 'hybrid,' 'No Ordinary Family' is something that hasn't been seen on TV an ages, something that feels familiar but is fresh and new.

It's a show about a family who are involved in a plane crash and find out the waters they swam in after ditching gave them super powers. So it's a family show, a sci fi show, and a show with some comic book elements to it.

Why are they emphasizing the show's crossover nature so much? Because, according to both the producers and the stars, to make a mark on broadcast television, a show needs to be big. Hybrid big.

"It's kind of a fun throwback to some of the action adventure series I watched so much as a kid," said Berlanti. "As audiences get more sophisticated you try to blend genres. We wanted to make something the whole family could watch together."

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