A Bigfoot Rap on 'Wife Swap' (VIDEO)

It's another culture clash on 'Wife Swap' (Fri., 8PM ET on ABC). The Parker family and the Robinson family come from completely different worlds; as might be predicted for people appearing on this show.

The Parker family is obsessed with making their nine-year-old son "Lil' Chris" into a hip-hop star. Meanwhile, the Robinson family is obsessed with -- of all things -- hunting the mythical beast known as the "Swamp Ape." Which is basically a Floridian version of the monster known as Bigfoot.

But surprisingly, the families work their contrasting obsessions out! And they even want to meet again, after the initial shooting is over -- which is a 'Wife Swap' first. "Lil' Chris" Parker and 17-year-old Josh Robinson even decide to film a rap video about the hunt for the "Swamp Ape"/Bigfoot.

And here are some of the lyrics to that rap. "It's a Bigfoot monster/ It's a Bigfoot monster/ It's a Bigfoot monster." Okay, that's a little repetitive -- but hey, our rappers are still pretty young!

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