Kristin Cavallari Discusses Her Trip to 'The Hills'

Now that Lauren Conrad is off being a best-selling author, someone needs to take her

place on the reality series. It's Kristin Cavallari who'll be doing just that, brewing up so much drama on The Hills that we'll probably get sick of it.

On an interview with MTV News, the former star of Laguna Beach recently discussed what it's like to be on the show and how it's similar to the process of filming a movie. She maintains that no lines have been written for the people on the series, so it looks as though it's up to her to stir up trouble for the rest. There has been speculation that the program isn't as real as it seems, but Cavallari is here to debunk those rumors.

"It's not [scripted]," Kristin revealed. "Everyone's going to have an opinion. And everyone's going to think what they want. You can't really change that."

Now that she's nabbed a part in the movie Van Wilder: Freshman Year, the actress has noted some differences in filming big screen hits to small screen ones. "It's definitely different," she said. "I love being on set and being in a movie. I think it's so much fun. And The Hills or Laguna Beach, it's more like hanging out with people you know rather than acting and memorizing lines and stuff."

She even admitted to PopWrap that it was difficult for her to get the part in the flick. "The Van Wilder producers didn't want to hire me, I had to audition three times for this movie. They thought I was just some girl from reality TV, which I understand. It just makes me fight harder."

With that, it seemed like a peculiar decision for Kristin Cavallari to return to reality TV. Still, she went for The Hills than pursue an actual film career.

"It was a really hard choice for me," she claimed. "MTV's been asking me to do it for years. I 100% want to be an actress, but with Van Wilder: Freshman Year coming out and a few other movies, I thought this would be an exciting way for my fans to reconnect with me because they haven't seen what I've been up to since Laguna Beach. I thought it would help and, after all, it's what made me famous in the first place."

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