Glee Finale Potential Spoiler: What Happens Between Finn and Rachel?

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow night brings the final episode of Glee until the fall. What will we do?! Well, probably speculate on whatever cliffhangers creator Ryan Murphy leaves for us to pick over in the interim. And will one of those cliffhangers have to do with Finn and Rachel? Maybe!

E!Online's Kristin Dos Santos was on set during the filming of the finale and she has some juicy tidbits to pass along. So if you're spoiler averse, close your eyes... now.

Okay, for the rest of us: Apparently before, during, and after their duet on "Faithfully," Rachel and Finn make some lovey-dovey eyes at each other. Hmm. Well, we already know that. But does this mean they're definitely back together? Kristin says she'd "bet good money" on it. Cory Monteith is also betting on a long-term love connection between the two. "I would never give up hope on Finn and Rachel," Cory told Kristin. "Never. There is always hope for them!"

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