Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 5, Episode 23 - 11:59

Neelix becomes interested in Earth history, spurring research about an ancestor of Captain Janeway named Shannon O'Donnell who was alive at the turn of the 21st century.

The story then turns to Shannon, also portrayed by Kate Mulgrew, who is stranded in a town which is to be the location of the Millennium Gate tower project. Henry Janeway, a bookstore owner, does not want to sell his land unlike the other people of the town. His refusal means that the project needs to be relocated. Shannon O'Donnell is hired by the company that built the tower as a consultant. At the end of the episode, at 11:59 (the deadline for Henry Janeway to sell his bookstore), Shannon talks Henry into selling his bookstore.

The episode shows Janeway discussing with pride what she believes about her ancestory, that the woman single-handidly fought to get the Gate completed against opposition and later took part in the Mars missions for NASA. Janeway has long credited Shannon as an inspiration for her joining Starfleet. However, during the course of her investigation in the past, Janeway discovers the truth that Shannon was never in NASA and only Henry opposed the Gate, he and Shannon eventually getting married. At first disapointed to find the great family legend is false, Janeway is cheered up by her crew members and realizes that this shouldn't impact what she's done with her own life.

Reference is made to the Y2K glitch which failed to turn out a light bulb. This episode was filmed and aired in 1999, and the prediction was nearly correct, as only a few minor incidents were associated with Y2K.

Source: Wikipedia

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