'The Biggest Loser' - 'Semi-Finals' Recap Season 9, Episode 18

Before the final weigh-in to see which of the final four was in, and who would have to face off for America's vote, the remaining contestants had to spend 30 days at home. This was to be the ultimate test to see if they could achieve weight-loss success at home in the long-term, or if they would balloon put it back on as so many former contestants do.

The other obstacle between the contestants and the grand finale was 'The Biggest Loser' marathon. Only this time the run wasn't for immunity, or for any reward for themselves. It was for $10,000 to be given to the charity of their choice. How the marathon played out wasn't a real surprise, but almost everything else this week was.

Of the Final Four, Koli and Daris have been consistent dominant forces on the Ranch. Both have had a heavy focus on the game, and have been striving to have that confetti rain down on them. Ashley and Michael, however, have been focusing on the real prize of losing weight and getting their lives back. As the respective largest woman and man on campus, that they've made it to this point is impressive enough.

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