'Justified' - 'The Hammer' Recap Episode 10

I've been itching in my britches to know what Boyd has up his sleeve now that he's out and about as a free man with some assumed moral convictions.

He seems to have found a new way of life as a glowing ball of religious fervor with legs, but he also doesn't seem to have completely embraced his new way of life. Something always told me his Bible came with a lot of extra footnotes.

Last night confirmed it.

It starts with another great showdown between Boyd and Raylan. It starts out the usual ways with some generic religious debate sprinkled with random scripture quotes back and forth between the two but soon explodes into a powder keg of awesome when Raylan boldly announces a reward for information on Boyd...to Boyd's followers...right in front of Boyd! It wasn't just an awesome scene to watch. It was also a clever way for Raylan to test Boyd's patience and see if he would budge back into his old ways. Boyd, of course, didn't move an inch, which just made more interested in their inevitable showdown.

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