24 Episode Recap: "11:00 PM-12:00 AM" Season 8, Episode 8

Another 24 baddie goes down, but this is only the eighth hour of a very long day, and the nuclear threat is far from over.

The hour starts off slow with some more of Walsh and Kevin-Ex's drama - which seems even less compelling after the recap clips ended on Jack with a bag over his head. Unsurprisingly, Kevin and his (still-unnamed?) buddy want to keep using Walsh as their "golden goose," likely helping them score more seized drug money. I think Walsh and her suddenly reappearing Southern accent are the only ones who didn't see that one coming.

Just when Hastings starts grilling Walsh about where she keeps disappearing to for some reason, Chloe (uncharacteristically) decides to step in and cover for her. And she doesn't have a sharp retort for anyone during the whole conversation!

When we finally get back to Jack, it seems he and Papa Bazhaev's relationship has gotten off on the wrong foot. Bazhaev is immediately suspicious of how Jack knows he has the nuclear rods - and when Jack won't give up his employers' names (maybe because they begin with the initials C, T and U), it's time to head back to the torture well once again.

Jack has bought his "employers" some time, at least, as Bazhaev decides to halt the sale of the nukes until he figures out who Jack is working for. Farhad H. - who has apparently been hiding out at the Bazhaevs' crib - isn't pleased, and attempts to dress Papa B. down for the botched assassination of his brother. All that gets him is a gun to the head and a boot to the behind, though, courtesy of Josef B.

Papa Bazhaev isn't going to be too happy when he finds out how that interrogation's going either. Thankfully, there's just a little bit of torture (only on 24 could you consider that a positive), before Jack knocks Bazhaev's man out using only his feet of fury. And then he's on the move, scampering like a monkey up the pipes he's handcuffed to, freeing himself, and then jumping down just in time to take on his awakening interrogator for round two.

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