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'Project Runway' Recap: Party On, Dudes! Season 8. Episode 3 - Starpulse

On last night's Project Runway, the designers partied on, but not all of them were excellent to each other. Imagine.

Since Gretchen won the first two challenges, the claws started to come out. Oh well. Haters gon' hate, as they say. But good ol' Gretch is proving herself worthy of some of that hatred, considering she's designated herself the workroom's mother hen. She also has an annoying habit of throwing her two cents onto every designer's table and clearly loves the sound of her own voice. I mean, she's nowhere near to being the horrifying bitch that Season 6's Irina was, but she is the only villain we have so far. And since every villain needs a nickname, I'm going to make one up for Gretchen right now: Wheatgrass.

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