Jon and Kate Plus 8: More Daddy Duties for Jon Gosselin

Maybe the lack of scandal on the part of Jon Gosselin is a more exciting story to hear about these days. Heading to his Pennsylvania home, he took a break from his star-studded activities in the past few weeks, which included rubbing shoulders with Michael Lohan and French designer Christian Audigier. That's not to mention his romances between Hailey Glassman and Kate Major.

The Jon & Kate plus 8 dad is showing that he can be responsible for his kids when he wants to, or maybe just when it's his turn to take care of them. The 32-year-old reality star was recently spotted taking the children to their dentist that morning. The office was near their Reading, PA place, and the family tried to make it to their appointment.

Jon Gosselin was herding the sextuplets in and out of their car, doing his best to accomplish the chore. He seemed ready to put up with anything, but looked stressed at the same time. He even sported a cigarette on hand, probably to ease the worry.

Later that day, Jon was seen relaxing with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 kids in their front yard. TLC filmed them all in action, as the patriarch threw a Frisbee around for their pets to catch. It seemed like a quiet afternoon, but the dogs looked like they were having more fun than Jon.

The girls crowded around their father as he spoke to the cameras, and we'll probably get to see everything when Jon and Kate Plus 8 returns on August 3. Even so, this separation between Kate and Jon doesn't look too good for the family. If they truly cared for the kids, they should really stop filming the show altogether.

Unfortunately, the video from Radar Online shows how they're serious about pushing through with the TLC series. Do they even need more publicity? Perhaps they're just finding it difficult to lead normal lives now that they've put plenty of effort on the show. If only Jon and Kate didn't give up on their relationship and tried to make it work for the kids.

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