Dollhouse: It's About Time Topher Gets Someone, Right?

One of my favorite scenes from Dollhouse's first season is, well, the photo to your right. Partly because I have this slightly big little crush on Dichen Lachman and seeing her get down on a sofa playing video games rather than all that groundbreaking stuff, but mostly because Topher seems like a sad, sad fellow.

Imagine being billeted under the ground, surrounded by people who don't really understand you. And imagine that the only chance for you to have someone to relate to--not necessarily romantic, mind you--is when you put your brilliance to good use and create (in the loosest sense of the word) something. It's quite heartbreaking, isn't it?

So here's a collective horray to Topher, and perhaps to everybody else out there. Joss Whedon has seen the light, and has given Topher someone to be with, or so it seems. And a good-looking one, too. Are you ready, Summer?

It's been revealed over the past couple of days that Summer Glau's character in the second Dollhouse season, Bennett, is not just an employee which has something in common with Echo. If you haven't heard, Bennett's the brains--the chief programmer, just like Topher, only based on Dollhouse operations back in Washington, D.C. Makes sense, considering a senator, to be played by Alexis Denisof, will investigate Rossum's whatabouts.

So, of course, my head's going towards one direction: Bennett and Topher must cross paths soon, right? I mean, if she'll be crossing paths with Echo, then there must be something. Of course, we don't have an idea as to how that could possibly unfold. Will they find that connection and get along? Or will two similar minds clash at every opportunity? With Joss envisioning Summer's character as someone who "talks too much", I think it'll be a pretty cute thing.

Evidently I'm excited for Topher, but a part of me's actually excited for myself too. One, it's Summer. Two, it isn't Dichen... oh, right, Victor. Damn you, Victor. Anyway, perhaps you have ideas for possible scenarios?

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