Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 12 - Awakened

Phoebe finds Piper at the nightclub and presents her with some good news: she's enrolled in college. Piper congratulates her by asking to slice up an exotic South American fruit that Piper has smuggled in at the docks. Piper then collapses.

At the hospital, Phoebe befriends a small boy who is carrying around a ninja doll. The boy is very sick. Phoebe tells the boy that the doll is magic and will cure him.

It turns out that Piper has been infected by a rare and deadly virus, caused by a fruit fly bite. The fly made its way from South American in the crate of smuggled fruit. Eventually, Piper falls into a coma, and Pru and Phoebe are told by Piper's doctor that their sister will most likely die.

Before becoming unconscious, Piper makes her sisters promise that they will not ask Leo to interfere. The girls call on Leo anyway. The angel appears long enough to tell them that his bosses are forcing him to sit this one out, and that he is powerless to save the woman he loves.

Left with no other option, Pru and Phoebe cast a spell to save Piper. They know that by doing this they will most likely unleash some terrible consequence upon the world. The spell in question involves transferring the infection from Piper's blood into the body of a puppet. Phoebe borrows the ninja doll from the now cured little boy. The spell is cast, Piper awakens in full health, the doctors are confounded and suspicious, and the ninja doll comes to life and starts infecting others with the virus.

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