Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 14 - Pardon My Past

Phoebe is getting signs from her past life that she is danger, so she goes back in time to figure out what's going on. It turns out that in 1924, Phoebe's soul and those of her sisters were cousins running a speakeasy out of the manor. Phoebe had been seduced by an evil warlock named Anton, and she and Anton were getting ready to destroy her good witch cousins. It turns out that the good wtiches win, and they not only vanquish their evil cousin, but they curse her in future lives as well in case the immortal Anton finds her again. Phoebe's only chance of survival is to find the amulet from 1924 that Anton gave her to protect her from her cousins' powers. She switches times with her evil 1924 self so that she can find the amulet in the past and hide it somewhere in the manor so she can find it in the present day. Unfortunately, Anton, in the present day, finds the evil Phoebe inhabiting current Phoebe's body and gives her the amulet so that good Phoebe can't come back to her own time.

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