Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 15 - Give Me A Sign

Once again, a Charmed One falls in love and falls in danger from the same source. This time it is Prue, long overdue for a feature episode, and the man in question is Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Phoebe continues with her borderline professional meddling in the Dan vs. Leo saga that is Piper̢۪s life. She writes a spell designed to give Piper a sign that will point her, once and for all, in the right direction. The spell, when written, remains vague enough to apply to either sister, and, owing to the sense of humor inherent in the ways of the higher powers, the spells applies to lonely and lost Prue instead.

An ex-flame, whom the sisters put behind bars after he went bad a while back, escapes both from jail and the deadly clutches of a powerful demon. In an attempt to save his skin, he turns to Prue, but instead of asking for help, he kidnaps her.

Bondage turns to trust, and perhaps more bondage, for Prue when the escapee, a hunky guy named Bane Jessup, confesses both his motives and his love. Prue not only agrees to help Bane, but beds him as well.

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