Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 16 - Murphy's Luck

After a long hiatus that last saw Piper choosing Leo over Dan, the girls were back right where they left off...not that we could remember where that was.

Prue, now chasing her photography dreams, lands a gig shooting a former saintly figure that has been cursed with a string of horrible luck. When Prue arrives to take the picture, she finds her subject planning to jump from the top of her apartment building, guided by an invisible demon that has actually cursed her. Oblivious to the presence of the demon, Prue saves the girl’s life and incurs the wrath of the dark side.

Our demon, whose mission it is to coerce future white lighters into taking their own lives, and therefore damning themselves to the fires below, takes umbrage at Prue’s interference and curses our heroine to equally bad luck, which in this case is a string of events where bad things happen to the people around her.

Eventually, the situation becomes so bad that Prue is cast into a deep depression. She becomes suicidal, and cuts herself off from her siblings to protect them. All the while, the evil demon speaks in her ear, telling her that she is worthless and suggesting that she sky dive off the nearest bridge.

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