'The Hills' hits 100 episodes. Yikes.

The intrepid explorers' chartered plane touches down in the vast, raw wilderness of Costa Rica. Our fearless trailblazers take in their surroundings -- the mangoes, the gorillas. While several make their way to a suitably tropical bamboo palais, ShePratt singles out Audrina to poke her wounds a bit about Justin Bobby, who just happens to be on this very trip. Not set up at all, no sirree.

Back at the Bamboomboom Room, Kristin predicts that JB and Audrina are sure to hook up. Lest you ever forget, let me remind you that Kristin used to bang JB and throw it in Audrina's face with impunity. Also? JB is sitting right in front of her with a lecherous smile on his face. Gross. Frankie earns his paycheck by chipping in that Brody and Kristin will definitely hook up. Kristin plays the same "innocent card" for which McKaela was so harshly criticized last week. Brody makes no bones that he'll take whatever he can get. Then JB digs for gold in his ear canal and tries to make a funny, half-singing, "What happens in Costa ... goes straight back home!"

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If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now


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