'Bones' recap: Happy...sperm

Let's not even pretend that we care about the case in last night's episode. To get to the bottom of what binds Booth and Brennan together as partners, Sweets ordered them to play a game of word association that somehow made Brennan realize she wants to have a baby because it's Sweeps. It would be selfish of her not to pass on her genes, she said. Throughout the hour, we learned the reasons she wanted Booth to be her sperm donor: To Angela, she acknowledged that it's because he's attractive, and attractive people tend to be more successful. To Sweets and Booth, she admitted that it's because Seeley has courage, compassion, and empathy -- traits sperm banks cannot quantify on donor bios. Sweets, bless his heart, tried to get Brennan to see that those reasons for her wanting his (exceptional) swimmers might mean that SHE LOVES HIM, but apparently, no one can speak the word "love" directly to Brennan. (Though props to Angela for flat-out suggesting to Brennan that what makes Booth the perfect donor might also make him the perfect dad.) Brennan can keep dismissing her feelings, but at this point, good friends would be trying to help her along and not just off buying onesies.

I spent most of the episode angry that Seeley was so willing to be her donor when she made it clear that they wouldn't be raising the child together. (He could maybe babysit when the nanny needed a day off???) "I don't understand why he'd be protective of his semen," Brennan said to the team after announcing over a tibia that she'd decided to have a baby (yes, like a small human, Cam). Oh, I don't know, Brennan: Maybe it's because he's Catholic, or because he already has a son that he doesn't get to see enough of because he's no longer romantically involved with the mother? But, of course, Booth was just trying to convince himself that he was okay with the arrangement -- because he'd do anything to make Brennan happy. After he hallucinated another conversation with Stewie from Family Guy, this time in an interrogation room in front of Brennan, he told her that he could never NOT be a dad to his child -- and she told him that he needed to go to the hospital because there's something seriously wrong with him. Maybe she should have gotten herself checked out, too, since she also saw his dead friend in the graveyard at the end of "The Hero in the Hold"?

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May 11, 2009 2:30AM EDT

Oh but how much did you love this episode?! The B&B was sooooo AMAZING!!! Brennan practically SAID that she ONLY wants to have a child with Booth (if that doesn't say love, what does???)And the fact that Booth was willing to do something he was completely uncomfortable with (by which I mean donate the sperm but not be involved with the child) shows how deeply he loves her and that he would sacrifice everything he believes in in order to make her happy.In the hospital at the end... how devastated did Bones look?! And Booth was looking through the glass, searching for her... then he asked her to stay with him.... awwww!
"Love is caring more for another person than you do for yourself."I think this definitely applies for B&B <3

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