Recap - Persons Unknown 1.05 "Incoming"

I am back everyone. A hardy thank you to Jordan Cramer for subbing for me last week and writing the recap for "Exit One." If you missed last week's episode, read Jordan's recap here. Also, you may have heard that NBC is jettisoning Persons Unknown to the netherworld of summer Saturday evenings as of July 17th. Once again, NBC has decided that a show isn't worth their time, even when they are responsible for not marketing it well. God knows what they're going to put on instead, but there you have it. However, it isn't the 17th yet, so we had a new episode, "Incoming," this week.

The episode begins with the surveillance camera focused on Janet sleeping. A man recites Carl Sandburg's "Wilderness" as he switches the camera feed amongst the Captives. It's Tom, the manager of the Chinese restaurant and one of Joe's conspirators. Tom flashes through the rooms but notices something is missing: namely, Joe. Unfortunately for Tom, and the conspiracy, Joe has broken protocol for the second time in as many days as he enters the observation room Tom is in. Tom points out (gesturing to the black camera dome above them) that Joe is walking on thin ice with the people that are watching them. Joe tells Tom that there is something about Janet that is bothering him; a reason she shouldn't have been taken. Tom doesn't want to discuss it, mostly because he isn't there to make those types of evaluations. He orders Joe to return to the hotel before it is noticed that he is gone.

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