The Amazing Race 15: An Open Letter to Lance

Dear Lance,

Almost always, there's a team on The Amazing Race that we all love to hate. I won't claim to know everyone, but I'll think of names at the top of my head. Jonathan and Victoria? Ugh. Colin and Christie? Ugh. The earliest I can remember, Flo and Zach--well, I only hated Flo, so I've GOT a half-ugh for that. Same goes for Terence and Sarah.

I'm sure you know where I'm going here, right?

If it isn't any more obvious, I don't like you. I really, really don't. Now, there are teams that get on my nerves every season, but not as much as you have. I understand your competitive nature; it's a necessity. I understand that things aren't really going well between you and Keri, at least as the two episodes I've seen so far suggest. Maybe you're too aggressive? Perhaps, but then again, it's a necessity on the race, although the degree of your aggressiveness will make or break you, so that argument's out of the window.

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